Friday, 28 October 2016

The Shadow

Living in a castle made of ice there lived a lady called Luna.  She had purple eyes and Blue hair and also shiny white teeth.  Also she was the Queen of ice, the next morning she went to go get some food suddenly when Luna was getting water from the lake she saw someone it was a shadow.  First she went up to the shadow and said “Why are you sad” said Luna. It didn't reply so Luna went Back home.  The shadow was following her so then the shadow talked. He said “I am lonely and sad I don’t have anyone to talk”  to said the shadow Luna leted the shadow stay with her and they talked for ages.  Until night the shadow disappeared.  Luna missed the shadow she waited for the shadow to come back but it didn’t she was sad so she went to Bed.  Well she was in the Bed she wished for the shadow to come so it did.  But by then she had fallen asleep then she woke up and the shadow was sitting right next to her and the shadow was smiling at Luna.  She was so happy so she cried.  So then every morning they played together for the rest of their lives and they also talked together.  And shopped tiger.  Suddenly Luna had amazing idea she was going to name the shadow she thought of a couple of name but the shadow didn't like them so then Luna tort really hard and tort about Dark Forest the shadow loved it so Luna started calling the shadow Dark Frost.  One day Luna a Dark frost got married and had kids and they live happily ever after.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Ginger Beer

More scared then ever we stared to open the ginger beer and then out of nowhere it exploded. We then got wet so then finally we tasted it was great I had a lot of fun.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Runaway Robot

Once there lived a robot called Raven. He had wheels for legs and big purple eyes. Her creator was a mad scientist his name was Dr Swirl. Dr Swirl was very very mean to Raven the robot even if he was the best invention he had. One day Raven was thinking about rolling away from her creator so she did. She made stairs to climb out of the window.

After Raven the robot climbed out of the window she went and explored around the world. first she went to Antarctica she didn't know what the place was called, but she just called it freezing cold world. Raven the robot was freezing she was about to freeze but she
left. She had notice that she was walking on something made of rocks. It was a road but she didn't know what it was. so she called it rocky path then she saw a sigh she knew that because her creator Dr Swirl teach her things she didn't know. Well she was walking she fell in a dark howl Raven got scared then she saw something. There was a person it was a girl she looked liked a scientist. Then the girl found Raven and the girl introduced herself she was Dr Heart. Dr Heart loved Raven but then Dr Swirl found the secret base and saw Raven so Dr Swirl ran a to Raven and gave a huge hug to Raven so then Dr Swirl destined to stay at Dr Heart's base.

So then Dr Swirl got all his stuff from his secret base and moved it in Dr Heart's base
So then Dr Swirl didn’t be mean to Raven ever again the End.

Friday, 14 October 2016

The Mad Scientist

Under ground in a secret laboratory base there lived a mad scientist. Her name was Luna moon. She had long red hair with blue eyes and a white scientist jacket.

One day Luna moon thought of a crazy idea she was going to make an Invention called giant exploding coloured  popcorn.To make giant exploding coloured popcorn, first she put tnt inside of a metal bowl, dishwashing liquid then she put lots and lots of food colouring she put red, blue, green and yellow, it was very colourful. Then she got a match and put it in the metal bowl, then she put the metal bowl in the huge microwave for 10 minutes and then she took it out of the microwave and then she waited for 5 seconds and then the popcorn started to make giant exploding coloured popcorn. So then the popcorn started growing and growing and growing and then it stopped it was really really huge.

Luna moon's dream was to destroy the world. So she got the giant exploding colored popcorn and she put some of the giant exploding coloured popcorn on her plane. And she made them start to blow up the world. When she was finished she went back to her laboratory and thought about every one that had died.

So she got her time traveling machine to bring everyone back. She used her golden time machine because it was the strongest. Then she went inside of the time machine and she time traveled all the way back when she was about to explode the earth.

So she drove the aeroplane to the ocean  and put all the giant exploding coloured popcorn in the ocean. After she went home she then started to teach scientist at a school. So she lived happily ever after.

The End.