Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sentence Types

Walt: include descriptive and creative vocabulary in our writing.
Walt: use a variety of sentence types.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My Narrative Writing

Once upon a time there was a king and a princess. The king loved to pollute and hated nature, So one day the king turned his castle into a dump but he didn't notice at all. Then one day the princess told her dad to stop polluting. Her dad said no I love polluting and you can’t change it. The princess got very sad. Then one day her dad died and she was even more sad. Then she started polluting and she started to love it. One day a prince came to visit the diamond and crystal castle because he heard that princess Elizabeth's dad died so he came to visit. Wants he arrived he was devastated and disappointed because the castle looked like a dump. His name was prince harry he didn't love to pollute he loved nature and liked to keep everything clean and tidy. So he was so surprised that princes Elizabeth stared polluting so the prince went into the castle and told princesses Elizabeth stop polluting and that's finale. she said fine. So from that very day she kept everything clean and tidy and the castle went back to the and diamond and crystal castle and they lived happily ever after the end.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Immersion assembly

Immersion assembly.

Now that’s thinking this term in team 4 we are going to learn about technology and how it changed over time. Lets start when I was in the immersion assembly when we went to the immersion assembly my whole class walked past the stage and we saw these computers. Some computers were old and some were new.

There was even computer Ipads. We did the karkare, the mihi and the national anthem.  
Then we sat down and Mr Burt started talking about our new theme. Now that’s thinking. He talked about the computers on the table. Then we watched team one’s movie they were going to learn about kites and how they can fly it and make it. After.

we watched team two’s movie it was basically the same as team one’s movie. After that we watched team three’s movie and there movie was about mataliki and mr moran was acting as tamarereti and one day he woke up and felt hungry so he went fishing but catch a fish so he to bed on the sand then at night the taniwha came then tamarerti woke up again and he throws the shinies stones and throws it in the air and the taniwha went to get it the end. After that movie we went to team 4’s movie then we watched team 5’s show about bob the builder. After that we all went back to our class. So that's what happened at immersion assembly.