Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Percussion and Woodwind Instruments



Guardians of the galaxy

Unicorn village water is so fresh and the air is so clean until aliens from outer space come and ruined unicorn planet. Then the aliens leave and bob and sunny are very sad because there unicorns have no fresh water to drink. their is no clean air to breathe. After bob and sunny made a spaceship to fly. to outer space. When sunny and bob start to fly in the spaceship then suddenly  the spaceship starts to break down then they crashed Bob and sunny’s unicorns uses their horn to fix the spaceships they made their spaceship purple

Then bob and sunny go to outer space. they past loads of planets they see. Jupiter, Uranus the sun and Saturn. When they went past the moon they saw the aliens so bob and sunny went out of the spaceship. And bob was wearing a spacesuit and sunny was wearing a bag on her head with a tank on her back with air in it that they kept away from the aliens then they went to the aliens and and the aliens apologised and bob and sunny and the aliens decide that they will live all together on the moon so they got all the unicorns to the moon and they all lived happily. The End

Kawa of Care

                             I always use my Chromebook in the right place at the right time.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017