Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Welcome To Term 4

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

Wow the holiday ended so fast and it is now time back to  school to learn. This terms theme is te wa toi that means it is time for art. This can inquired drawing, painting ,creativity and much more.

This term we are doing lots of interesting and fun stuff. The first thing is year 6 camp i can not wait. Year 6 camp is in week 4 and that’s only 3 weeks away. Another thing is athletics I am hoping that I can win something. There is so much more to come that is what makes this term thrilled.

One goal of mine is that to learn how to be more artistic with art. Another goal of mine is to finish my book it is the BFG I am up to the part where the girl shofie is in her bed and hiding from the BfG. The last goal i want to do is to use pastels to make a masterpiece.

This term I am hoping to learn about how to be more creative with art. I also want to learn about how to do some tie dye with pastel and interesting colours. One other thing what I want to learn is to do sculpture.

overall this term I am very exciting for lots of fun and excitement. The thing I am looking forward for is year 6 camp and athletics, my goal is to be more artistic and finish my book, and I want to learn about some tie dye and how to make a sculpture.

Task Description: For this task we wrote about what this terms about and what we hope to learn. We also learned how to write a proper conclusion. I wish that I had made my conclusion a little better, I also found it hard to think of goals.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Words Per Minute

Walt:Analyse data and display data using a graph

Task Description: Today we did a test it was called word per minute it was about how fast you could type in the minute. My score was 23 the highest was 39. 

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Goat Adventure

Walt: write using humour.

Long ago there was a goat named Lyion all he ever did was eat, fart,cough and poop. One day Lyion
finally decided to get out of bed and go to his goatpa's house for his goatpa's famous treat called the
chocolate poop cake. Lyion thinks goatpa makes the best chocolate cake in town because it has poop
in it. Ever since lyion was a baby he really liked to eat his own poop but before he ate it he first put salt and pepper, that made the taste sensational.

Lyion later arrived to his grandpa's house, he was super duper excited for the yummy scrumshis chocolate poop cake. When Liyon arrived he saw that his goatpa was laying on the couch farting the heck out of his butt. ‘’Good evening goatpa, how are you?’’ said lyion. ‘’ not good actually I have the…’’ whispered goatpa ‘’What, what is it ?’’ said lyion. ‘’ I have..’’ grandpa then took a moment to butt sneeze then carried on speaking. ‘’ cough, I have the disease that no goats had ever had in 150 thousand years I have... ammonia!!!!’’. ’’what!! ‘’ gasp lyion ‘’ how could this be?’’. ‘’ I can not talk all it would get worse’’ said grandpa with his crackly voice. Goatpa goat then gave lyion a map to go to  wonder island where all the ingredients are placed to help make the fart potion/medicine. Lyion goes on his adventure to wonder island ,he went through Butt Butt Bush and bubblegum forest. He then finally arrived to wonder island and he was surprised. He saw a big poopy gold gate where on the map it shows that all 7 ingredients are placed. But he couldn't open it as he was being attacked    

Link To Photo!

by alive vomit plants. Lyion was afraid but he had to be strong for the sake of his goatpa. Lyion had a secret stink bomb AND gradually Throws towards the giant alive plants and it worked lyion was very happy, he finally got the 7 ingredients he’s been wanting for his goatpa . lyion walked outta wonderland thinking everything will be fine, then all of a sudden a massive alive stinky sunflower was chasing after Lyion but luckily lyion had a firearm  that shoots out bubbles and kills . BOOM! BOOM! Lyion shoots and bubbles away the stinky sunflowers Lyion was so happy he got the ingredients for his goatpa then traveled back to his goatpa at home. goat pa was very happy that lyion was
finally home ,they both gatherd all the ingredients to make the fart potion. Goatpa then drank the fart

potion and then he did a massive funny loud fart. Goatpa then felt well and better .

Couple months later Lyion and  goatpa have built a bakery called the chocolate poop and goatpa

chocolate poop cake has become a famous dish of all time! Now Lyion happily ever farty poopy after.

                                                        The End

Task Description: This week we have been doing creative humour writing. My Writing is about a goat and he goes to his goatpa and see's that his goatpa is sick so then Lyion's goatpa gives him a map to find the ingredients and then his goatpa gets bett