Friday, 17 June 2016


A long while back there was a Taniwha but the Taniwha  only came out at night time. There was a little boy named Tamarereti. He  was going fishing because he was hungry for something to eat. So he went into his waka to go fishing for some fish, then he caught three large fish. When it was almost night time Tamarereti fell asleep in his waka. Blown by the wind the waka was moved to the other side of the island. He cooked his three large then he saw glistening pebbles so he picked the glistening pebbles and he put them on his waka then he threw them up into the darkest night sky.  The wind started to blow Tamarereti and his waka back to his home. The next morning when tTamarereti woke up  Ranginui was staining right there. Tamarereti thought he was getting Punished, for checking the pebbles into the sky. but instead  Ranginui said now my sky looks more beautiful  and she said I like to onna your change to the night sky and cast your waka to the heaven so everyone can remember what you have done Tamarereti was relieved and very happy these days you can see the waka still parked in the night sky many others  around the world call the waka of Tamarereti the milky way


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Wednesday, 8 June 2016