Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Smart shoe

I think this product looks like a nice and a shoe and I think this product is made of metal and  also I think it has wires in it because it looks like it’s electrical and plastic I also think that it is made of shoe material because it kinda looks soft and hard.      

I think that the product can make people jump high because if people can’t jump high they can just buy it and it can make them jump high. I think it is used for to jump really high. I think it works when you push a button on the end of the product and then it will make you jump really high.   

It can make you lose weight it is use to check how much calories you burned. to make it work you have to get your phone and download a app and connect it to your smart shoe. Then you just go and run and it will check how much calories you burned and also you have automatic tightening. And it can track your day.It can also warm your feet.

I think it is a great idea to buy it. I would buy this product  but only if it was purple, pink or blue  and if they could make it different sizes. I like this product because it is very cool because you can connect your phone to to the product I think that they should make it jump high super boost.     

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